Technical and Industrial 2

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Technical and industrial translation

Technical translation is a subject and specialty that cannot be improvised, not even by a professional translator! It requires very specific skills, as the translator must have a global understanding of the field and subject. A technical translator therefore usually specializes in one field, or in more than one related fields (for example aeronautics and avionics, or architecture and urban planning). Unlike other translation agencies that process several requests in the same manner, one after the other, one Alltradis translator cannot switch from aeronautics on Monday to pharmaceuticals on Tuesday and then do a legal translation on Friday.

Each field requires previous special training, followed up by experience obtained by translating several hundreds, even thousands of documents, conducting research, proofreading and having discussions with clients. Our professional approach is the very backbone of our translation agency. Our quality standards might even force us to refuse a request, either because we do not have a translator with the required experience or skill in the specific field in question, or because the deadline imposed does not allow for the time needed to provide a high-quality translation. Our clients’ trust is our first priority when entering into business relations!

Encyclopedic knowledge and specializations (aeronautics, medical, legal, etc.) are essential to the technical field! Logically, our translators avoid specializing in multiple fields at once in order to excel in a selected few.

For each field, specific training and experience is required. Specialties are developed after translating hundreds of documents, carrying out research, proofreading and discussing with clients.

This is why Alltradis Global Translation Solutions only works with qualified translators with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in their field, and expert revisers and proofreaders (engineers, legal experts, doctors, etc.) who add their professional stamp of quality to the translations we provide.

For many years now, we have been working in the sectors of aeronautics, aviation, mass retailing, agri-food, IT, new technologies, electronics, construction and public works, automobiles, airline and rail catering, as well as construction, materials and many more. You can put your trust in the Alltradis team of technical translators.