Medical and Pharmaceutical

traduction médicale pour Abbotttraduction médicale pour BiocodexMerck, un de nos clients en traduction pharmaceutique et médicaleLilly, une de nos références en traduction médicalePierre Fabre, une de nos référencement en traduction pharmaceutique et médicaleSanofi, un de nos clients en traduction médicaleIPSEN nous a confié ses traductions médicales et pharmaceutiquesThéa, une de nos références en traduction pharmaceutique et médicaleAFSSAPS, un client en traduction médicaleHRA, un client en traduction pharmaceutique et médicaleKCI, un client en traduction médicaleIn Vivo BVA, un client AlltradisCerenis, un client de l'agence AlltradisQM, une de nos références en traduction médicaleCevidra, un client en traduction médicale et pharmaceutiquele CNRS, une référence de nos prestations de traduction médicaleDeloitte, une de nos référence en traduction médicaleFondation Dermatite Atopique, un client de l'agence AlltradisCalor, traduction médicale réalisée par AlltradisiDD, une de nos références en traduction médicaleImea, une des entreprise qui a fait confiance à AlltradisLaboratoire LESCUYER, une de nos références de traduction pharmaceutique et médicalePierre Fabre Oral Care, un client AlltradisSunstar GUM, une de nos référencesOtsuka, une de nos références en traduction médicaleLeadUp, une de nos références en traduction médicaleGénia, une de nos références en traduction médicale et pharmaceutiqueEuroSilicone, un client d'Alltradis

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Scientific translation

Alltradis Translation and Interpreting Services is specialized in technical translation and more specifically, for the last 20 years, in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translation. This specialty requires numerous skills, both in content and form. For example, in the case of a clinical trial protocol, expertise in the specific terminology is essential for this type of document, but the format is also important, as it is subject to very strict regulatory standards!

The Alltradis agency is comprised of professional translators, all with expertise and qualifications in medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translation. Furthermore, our team is proud to collaborate with doctors, pharmacists and engineers for proofreading, under an exclusive confidentiality agreement with our company. In our work, they represent the final piece of the puzzle in terms of quality. We guarantee efficiency, responsiveness, confidentiality and ethics: everything you need for a high-quality medical, pharmaceutical or scientific translation!

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the medical and scientific documents for which we provide translations, throughout the entire year:

Marketing Authorization (MA) :  translation of medicine information leaflets and packaging, clinical studies, clinical trial protocols, scientific pamphlets, medical abstracts, clinical study summaries, informed consent forms, technical argument documents, Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPC), pharmacological summaries, internal documents, analysis reports, Regulatory Affair documents and reports, vigilance reports, Mutual Recognition Procedures (MRP), medical and scientific journal articles, bibliographies, patents and many others.

Finally, as the “medical” field is extremely vast, ranging from general practice to cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology and rheumatology, we cannot always give translation projects to the same translators. That is why we have many experienced translators in our team who all specialize in their own field. Some of them are also medical conference interpreters and translate at highly technical conferences, therefore ensuring we are always kept up to date on the latest launches or speeches by the guest opinion leaders at international conferences.