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Language e-coaching

Have you been asked to give a presentation in a foreign language but don’t feel ready?

ALLTRADIS, the conference interpreting and translation agency, is delighted to unveil its brand new language e-coaching services, designed exclusively for professionals.

The solution: your very own Alltradis coach

This service is aimed at anyone who is giving a presentation to a foreign audience (in English, German, etc.) and wants to make sure they are properly prepared.

By practicing with a professional from our agency, a conference interpreter accustomed to addressing international audiences, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of success.

Our coaching is aimed at CEOs, marketing directors, group leaders, product managers and trainers, etc.


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Language e-coaching

You’ll be all set for your international presentation, thanks to our comprehensive program:

  • Help in writing a presentation or correcting an existing presentation.
  • Work on your accent.
  • Tips for channelling stress.
  • Speaking techniques: focus on keywords and connectors to improve the flow of your presentation.

Training drills with your Alltradis coach.

And all this from the comfort of your own office!