Legal translation

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Legal Translation

If there is one field where you can easily distinguish experienced translators from inexperienced translators, it is legal translation. Beyond the obvious technical nature of the terminology, there is also the importance of style (for example, when translating a contract or minutes of a meeting). Legal translation is a completely different ball game since the translator is much more involved from a legal point of view. Using the services of a careless translator or an incompetent translation agency would be self-sabotage for your business.

Imagine: you’ve finally won an important distribution contract in China for your company after months and months of hard work and exhausting business trips. You take a few minutes to look for a translation agency online but you don’t check the agency’s references or professionalism. When you receive the translated contract, it is inaccurate, syntactically weak, and even worse, contains errors! And to make matters worse, you’re not even aware of these errors because the contract was translated into Chinese which you don’t speak a word of and therefore can’t proofread it. The other party has signed, and now you’ve committed to an erroneous contract…a complete nightmare!

At Alltradis, we know that all legal documents require guaranteed high-quality and professional commitment. That is why our teams are made up of specialized expert translators (labor law, corporate law, international criminal law, business law). We also have teams of legal experts who proofread and assist throughout the quality process. And for sworn translations, our translators are registered with an Appeal Court and are responsible for the legal translations assigned to them, respecting all the codes and laws in force, in France and internationally.