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Cosmetic and luxury product translation

Translation in the field of cosmetics is much more complicated than it seems! While most people think only of moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, beauty masks and other serums or creams, cosmetics is actually a highly complex and technical field. We collaborate with our clients to ensure their satisfaction with our terminology choices, product name localization for international product launches, and adaptation of existing terminology established by local branches as well as competitive intelligence. All this is of course in support of our clients’ work in advance of the product launch: medical and clinical testing (safety, efficacy and tolerance) as well as marketing and sales.

Our team of translators has contributed to the launch of several global cosmetics brands in the form of written translations (brochures, communication material, packaging, sales pitches and press packs) and interpretation services (product launches in Paris – simultaneous translation for cosmetics in 6 languages). We provide translations on all segments of the cosmetics market, such as moisturizers, acne products, sunscreens and products for hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, sensitive, fragile and reactive skin. We cover thermal waters and also the entire hair care segment (anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff) as well as body and face care, including slimming care and make-up. Our translations also have high added value in the medical and dermatological fields and are also tailored to the end customer, whether general public, medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives, or physicians, pharmacists and dermatologists.

In the world of fashion and, more generally speaking, in the area of luxury goods, Alltradis teams translate all types of documents for presentation of brands/lines, collection brochures and technical info sheets. We have experience working with High Fashion clothing brands and their universe of colors, materials, cloth and leather, and also brands producing shoes, leather goods and ready-to-wear items. Our translation services for high-end clients also include watchmaking and perfumery, and we collaborate with Marketing, Advertising and Communications departments within some major international brands. We now rank among the leading translation providers in Paris and Europe.