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Technical and industrial translation

Technical translation is a subject and specialty that cannot be improvised, not even by a professional translator!

Technical translation requires very specific skills, as the translator must have a global understanding of the field and subject.

Encyclopedic knowledge and specializations (aeronautics, medical, legal, etc.) are essential to the technical field! Logically, our translators avoid specializing in multiple fields at once in order to excel in a selected few.

For each field, specific training and experience is required. Specialties are developed after translating hundreds of documents, carrying out research, proofreading and discussing with clients.

That’s why Alltradis global translation solutions only hires qualified translators with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in their field, and expert revisers (engineers, legal experts, doctors, etc.) who provide professional guarantees with regard to the translation quality that you rightfully expect from us. 



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