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Technical and Industrial Simultaneous Interpretation

Alltradis global translation solutions has a team of qualified and specialized interpreters working in the most technical fieldsConference interpreting is a profession that requires many years of studies and thousands of hours’ experience at conferencesconventions and work meetings.

Only a few possess the combination of the qualities required to become an Alltradis-approved conference interpreter.

Our team's top-quality interpretation regularly contributes to success of following high-tech sector conferences:

  • Aeronautic simultaneous interpreting (meetings, works council, aircraft delivery, press conference, roadshow)
  • Automobile simultaneous interpreting (Board meeting, board of directors, supplier negotiation)
  • New technologies simultaneous interpreting (conferences, branch work meetings, launches)
  • Transport simultaneous interpreting (launches, press conference, union meetings)
  • Food industry simultaneous interpreting (negotiations, product launches, press conference) 


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