Quality standards

Our commitment: quality, reactivity and confidentiality!

Without a doubt, professional translation must adhere to a number of stages in the quality process.  Furthermore, translation agencies usually organize their internal and external translations according to certain defined criteria but more often, and wrongly so, focus their efforts on ‘translating more’ rather than ‘translating better’.

At Alltradis, we are extremely proud to transmit our human and professional values above all. Our work has always complied with professional industry standards, serving as a guarantee of efficacy, quality and confidentiality. Obtaining recognized quality standard certifications has consolidated our position as a benchmark in translation quality: the AFNOR NF EN 15038 standard (standard covering technical document translation) certifies that our agency meets the highest quality standards available in the field, upstream as well as downstream of processes. As for our simultaneous interpreting teams, they are comprised of members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). This is the only association in the world to represent conference interpreters. It promotes quality and professional ethics and only has 3,000 active members worldwide. Only AIIC members are permitted to undertake high-value added assignments such as (ministerial meetings or supporting heads of state or CEOs of CAC 40 companies in negotiations, international launches, etc.).

For every translation project, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is established with the client, summarizing how information will be processed before, during and after the project.  Unlike other translation companies who post documents on community platforms for the highest bidder, we process all data internally and our entire team, without exception, (translators, proofreaders and also assistants and graphic designers) are bound by professional secrecy.

We apply the same specifications and exacting quality requirements to all 25 of the languages and/or language combinations we offer. Click on this link to view all the languages covered by our agency 

agency translation into 25 languages.