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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

For the past 20 years, Alltradis global translation solutions has specialized in technical translation, more specifically, in medical and pharmaceutical translation. It goes without saying that this particular specialty requires in-depth knowledge of both form and content.

For example, in the case of clinical protocols, it is essential to master the terminology while maintaining the format, which is subject to very strict regulatory standards! Failure to do so can lead to a non-approval and have disastrous financial consequences! 

Alltradis only works with professional translators, all experts with degrees in medical and pharmaceutical translation. If that is not enough, Alltradis is also proud to include M.D. revisers working under exclusive confidentiality contracts. All for an unparalleled quality control!

We guarantee efficiency, confidentiality, and an ethical conduct from all our team members: everything you need for a high-quality medical translation!

Among others, we regularly translate MA dossiers, packet insert/leaflets, clinical trials, informed consent, technical sales pitch, abstracts and any other document dealing with dermatology, rheumatology, cardiology, orthodontics and oncology.




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