Our Services at Alltradis

At Alltradis, we believe in “translating better” as opposed to “translating always more”. Our profession entails responsibility for quality, but above and beyond that, we are also committed to meeting deadlines, as well as ensuring the confidentiality and management of your data.

Written translation

Our experience, acquired through the translation of more than 20,000 multilingual written projects, has earned us the status of a quality reference in several fields of activity.

professional Translation

The Alltradis team, trained in the world's leading translation and interpreting schools, offer you top-of-the-range technical translations, with responsiveness, quality and confidentiality.

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Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation is, without a doubt, the most widely used translation technique today, especially at conferences, conventions and other meetings. 

Unlike Consecutive Interpretation, it allows your participants to experience translation in real time, i.e. at the same time as the speaker is speaking. Thus, one can follow the course of a presentation while forgetting the language barrier… Isn’t life beautiful!

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Translation Booth

Translation Booth Rentals & Sound equipment

Alltradis also offers global sound solutions for your conferences by providing you with the human and technical resources (rental of translation booths, headsets, microphones, technicians and sound engineers).

Our objective is to provide you with a one-stop shop solution !

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ALLTRADIS was founded by a conference interpreter and an active member of AIIC. We therefore guarantee professional excellence and the recruitment of teams that respect ethics and professional conduct.