Technical and Industrial 2

SPIE, une de nos références en traduction simultanée techniqueColas, un client de l'agence d'interprétation de conférence techniquetraduction simultanée aéronautique pour Airbustraduction simultanée industrielle pour NewrestEADS, une de nos référence en interprétation simultanée industriePerfect Commerce, un client de l'agence d'interprétation simultanée techniqueVinci, un client de l'agence de traduction simultanée pour l'industrieL'interprétation de conférence technique réalisée pour France Télécoml'interprétation de conférence industrielle pour Procter et GambleAlain Afflelou, un client d'Alltradis en traduction simultanée techniqueEurovia, un client de l'agence d'interprétation simultanée industriellele CNRS, un client d'Alltradis en traduction simultanée industrielle et techniqueL'interprétation simultanée technique pour le Bureau VeritasFast Booking, un client en interprétariat techniquel'Union Européenne, une référence en interprétation de conférence techniqueMaclean, un client de l'agence d'interprétation simultanée industrie et techniquela traduction simultanée pour ArcosCNES, une de nos références en traduction simultanée technique et industrielleVelux, un client d'Alltradis

Technical and Industrial Simultaneous Interpreting

Alltradis Translation and Interpreting Services employs a team of qualified and specialized interpreters working in the most cutting-edge technical fields ! Conference interpreting is a profession that requires many years of study and thousands of hours’ experience at conferences, conventions and meetings.

Talks prior to signing an international treaty, scientific reports, commercial negotiations in aeronautics or even a guided tour of an industrial production site… The interpreter must not only be fluent in two or more languages: before each mission, they must revise or acquire the required technical vocabulary and ensure that they have a good understanding of the main issues of the discussion they will be translating. The preparation stage is absolutely key!

Technical simultaneous interpreting is a highly complex and delicate exercise that requires intense concentration. Decrypting the unsaid or translating a linguistic gimmick or play on words in the moment requires great skill and extensive subject knowledge. Interpreters must be able to think on their feet, remain calm under pressure and must have boundless general knowledge. They must be ready to tackle any subject and translate whoever is speaking, at any given moment…

The technical industry, in the context of the simultaneous interpreting services that we offer, is the most complex field there is. Speakers are often drawing on multi-disciplinary knowledge. Interpreters must fully prepare for any potential issue which may arise during a conference.

Our team is very proud of the successful contributions made to numerous conferences and technical meetings in cutting-edge sectors such as: aeronautics, automotive, IT and new technologies, transportation, construction, energy, sustainable development, agribusiness, and many more.