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Traduction simultanée pour l'Elyséeinterprétation de conférence en relation publiqueTraduction simultanée des dirigeants d'Airbusinterprétation simultanée à l'ONU, une référence AlltradisTraduction simultanée lors de rencontre de l'Union EuropéenneEurope 1, un client de l'agence d'interprétation simultanée de conférence politiquetraduction simultanée d'interview de personnalités pour Canal +interprétation simultanée d'interview politique pour France 3traduction simultanée pour l'ambassade du Portugall'interprétation simultanée en relation publiqueSPIE, un client de l'agence d'interprétation AlltradisNewrest,une référence d'Alttradistraduction simultanée de personnalité lors du Festival de CannesSANOFI, une référence de l'agence de traduction simultanée en politiqueDior a fait confiance à AlltradisInterprétation simultanée de personnalités pour Pierre FabreInterprétation de conférence publique pour Lancômetraduction simultanée de discours pour ColasAlain Afflelou, un client de l'agence d'interprétation simultanéeCCI, un client en traduction d'interview en direct de personnalitéEADS, un client en interprétation simultanée de discours publique

Simultaneous interpreting for cultural, political and public relations events

Our conference interpreters are regularly called upon for strategic assignments and have been honored to interpret for senior state officials, powerful business leaders and well-known celebrities.

The interpreting profession requires reactivity and mobility, whether going to conferences, visiting companies, or participating in political events which can take place anywhere in the world. A rigorous work ethic is essential in the political and economic sector where accuracy is of paramount importance. Interpreters must be capable of fast and precise analysis, while demonstrating endurance and extreme focus.

Supporting political, cultural and public relations events requires adherence to a strict protocol which after 20 years in the field, comes as second nature to our team. Our conference preparation often begins days or even weeks in advance. Interpreting during official visits requires thorough knowledge of relevant current affairs, developments and important events, in order to understand and anticipate the requirements of the assignment and to deliver the most accurate simultaneous interpretation possible.

During such missions, the stakes can be high but these events will always go smoothly with one of our fully experienced interpreters at your side, adept at dealing with challenging situations and able to remain calm and in control when faced with unforeseen events.

Being hired for such prestigious assignments is a recognition of the high-quality of our professional services and translating and interpreting for senior officials such as the President of the Republic represents a moment of immense pride for an interpreter.

At Alltradis, our interpreters regularly provide support for international delegates and ministers, as well as representatives from the Elysée and various NGOs and European Institutions. We also work with international CEOs and famous personalities (TV, literature, fashion, music, cinema, artists, etc.).