Political and PR

Cultural, Political, Corporate & Public Relations Simultaneous translation

Our team of conference interpreters is regularly called upon for highly strategic assignments, for which we have the honor of accompanying the highest-ranking government officials, as well as the most powerful business leaders, and even the most popular media personalities.

Interpreting: guiding you through the process

Being an interpreter requires a high degree of mobility: the translator travels frequently to conferences, companies and political events and can work anywhere in the world. They must be extremely rigorous because their translations are of vital importance in political and economic decisions. Their work also requires a quick and precise analytical mind, endurance and excellent concentration.

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The interpreter’s background

Working in the political, cultural and public relations sectors requires the strictest of standards which our team has been familiar with for over 20 years now. As with any conference, accompanying a VIP means preparing for several days or even weeks beforehand. The interpreter must research and absolutely know about current events, issues or campaigns in order to understand, anticipate and apprehend the needs of the mission and thus be as accurate as possible in their translations.

Highly specialized and demanding missions

It goes without saying that these missions, even more than conferences, are very stressful as unforeseen circumstances arise often. But the high stakes are what make these missions so motivating. Being part of a team, being in a basement room and waiting for someone to come and get you at any moment, not having any preparatory material and not even knowing the agenda of a diplomatic meeting: a day in the life of an interpreter.

Being recruited for this type of assignment is above all a great recognition of our professional skills, and translating and interpreting for the President of the Republic at a conference is a privilege and a great source of pride in the life of a conference interpreter.

At Alltradis, our interpreters regularly accompany international delegations, ministries, the Elysée Palace, and various NGOs and European institutions, as well as visits by international CEOs to France and media personalities (TV, literature, show business, fashion, music and cinema, artists, etc.).

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