Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical simultaneous interpreting

Conference interpreting: hire an expert

Our agency is proud to employ some of the most highly qualified medical and pharmaceutical conference interpreters in the profession. Our added-value comes from years of experience at cutting-edge medical conferences and also from our high standards based on our expertise in quality simultaneous interpreting!

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Preparing for a medical or scientific conference

The high-quality of our work is guaranteed via a preparation process, drawn up in direct collaboration with our clients: we will look over the conference schedule, ask pertinent questions if required and study preparatory documents in order to review speakers’ presentations and the specific glossary for the event.

We can also conduct a situational analysis with our technicians, to optimize the setup of technical resources, such as interpreting booths, headsets and microphones etc.

Alltradis | interprétation médicale et pharmaceutique

Extensive experience in conference interpreting

Our conscientious and diligent work has enabled us to win interpreting contracts with many pharmaceutical laboratories and other scientific institutions over the last 20 years.

We support our clients internationally by offering simultaneous interpreting in line with the requirements of their business, in terms of ethics, quality and confidentiality.

Lastly, we have experience of a wide range of activities including dermatology, cardiology, rheumatology and physiotherapy, orthodontics, ophthalmology, e-health, cosmetic dermatology, etc. Our teams attend congresses, symposia and other conferences, and offer services for training, keynote speeches, meetings, scientific round table discussions, annual meetings of opinion leaders, seminars, management committees, international subsidiary and management meetings, product launches and marketing meetings, etc.

Some of our clients in the field of Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical simultaneous interpreting :


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