Interprétation 2

l'Union Européenne, un client de l'agence de traduction simultanée fiancièreL'Elysée, un client d'Alltradis en interprétation de conférenceBNP, une de nos référence en interprétation simultanée financièrela traduction simultanée en stratégie marketing  pour Airbusl'ONU, un client de l'agence de traduction simultanéeEADS, une de nos références en interprétation de réunion RH et financièreBureau Veritas, un de nos clients en interprétation marketing simultanéeLa traduction simultanée financière et marketing pour l'entreprise COLASL'interprétation de conférence financière pour Deloittela traduction simultanée en marketing pour Perfect CommerceVinci, un client de l'agence d'interprétation de conférence RH et financièreAbbott, un client de l'agence d'interprétation de conférences marketingSANOFI, un client de l'agence de traduction simultanée financière et marketingPierre Fabre, une de nos références en interprétation simultanée marketing et RHBiocodex, un client d'Alltradis, agence de traduction simultanéeLes hopitaux publique de Paris, une référence client de l'agence d'interprétationNewrest, une de nos référence en interprétation de conférence marketing et financière

Finance/ Marketing/HR Simultaneous Interpretation

Does your company hold strategic marketing seminars as a large part of your activity is conducted internationally? Perhaps your company is growing rapidly and you are looking for reliable and experienced conference interpreters for all your future discussions with your international counterparts.

Alltradis Translation and Interpreting Services collaborates with many leading companies in the banking and financial sectors at shareholders’ meetings, negotiations, round table discussions, general meetings, keynote speeches and annual conferences. Our work is always conducted in the strictest confidentiality, and often involves very technical and sensitive subjects. We consider it of the utmost importance that all our employees provide an irreproachable, confidential service, and also that our technical team sign a confidential agreement, thus guaranteeing that the content discussed during these events will never be divulged without your prior consent.

Our team also offers simultaneous interpreting services in the marketing, legal and HR sectors, for example in supporting companies during international product launches, press conferences, audits, inspections, negotiations or shareholder meetings.

When placing your trust in Alltradis, you will benefit from simultaneous interpreting with comprehensive support from our interpreting teams which includes the organization of technical aspects (translation booths, headsets, microphones, etc). You will be allocated a specific contact within our team, and our extensive 20 years of experience will instill you with complete confidence for our organization and realization of the task at hand.

Our clients include banks, private equity companies, brokerage firms, CAC40 companies, government organizations and leading companies in the fields of construction, pharmaceuticals, insurance, airline catering, certification and communications.