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Remote interpreting & Language e-coaching

Alltradis Translation and Interpreting Services is proud to announce its new service: remote video-interpreting, in High Definition!

Among other things, this service is ideal for companies looking to communicate with clients and collaborators for brief meetings or presentations. Get the most out of everything 21st Century technology has to offer and use the travel-free option to get in touch with your interpreter.

This tool will provide you with a high-quality translation, both in form and content with the professional know-how of our conference interpreters and the HD video output (1080p). Remote interpreting also allows you to share a variety of documents (PowerPoint presentation, Word document, Excel, etc.) on your screen in real time with your contact, with complete confidentiality and security. Needless to say, you’ll be gaining efficiency and saving time! 

The new linguistic e-coaching service is designed for anyone (whether you’re a CEO or a manager, trainer, etc.) required to make presentations in front of foreign audiences and who wishes to prepare by practicing with a professional from our agency, an international conference interpreter (get help with creating a presentation or checking an existing presentation, work on accent, get tips on channeling stress, work on key words and connectors to speak more fluently, and practice with the Alltradis coach) all this right at your desk !!

Remote interpreting via videoconference is a great way to benefit from the services of an interpreter for brief discussions or negotiations. Nevertheless, during conferences or plenary-type sessions, this service could never replace traditional conference interpreting with interpreting booths. It is rather a support tool or alternative for one-off projects.


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