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Our comprehensive sound equipment solutions for simultaneous interpreting, conferences and guided tours

Are you planning to organize an event soon and need experienced conference interpreters to provide a high-quality simultaneous interpreting service ?

You’ve come to the right place! We have a solution tailor-made to your needs and can provide a range of technical equipment that is reliable, up to date and discreet, at very competitive prices.

Our extensive experience of over 20 years now in this field enables us to rapidly identify your needs and expectations, and to adapt our comprehensive sound equipment solutions to your budget, while assessing what equipment is already available in the location you have reserved. 

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Visioconférence Alltradis

Traduction de visioconférence et e‑coaching linguistique

Alltradis Translation and Interpreting Services is proud to announce its new service: remote video-interpreting, in High Definition!



Among other things, this service is ideal for companies looking to communicate with clients and collaborators for brief meetings or presentations. Get the most out of everything 21st Century technology has to offer and use the travel-free option to get in touch with your interpreter.

Linguistic e-coaching

The new linguistic e-coaching service is designed for anyone (whether you’re a CEO or a manager, trainer, etc.) required to make presentations in front of foreign audiences and who wishes to prepare by practicing with a professional from our agency, an international conference interpreter right at your desk !!

Voice-over and dubbing services

Along with translation and interpreting services, ALLTRADIS provides voice-overs and subtitling for your ads and corporate films. Our translation is recorded in a studio by professionals to guarantee you top quality!

We provide a wide range of options to guarantee quality and adaptability (you can choose the gender, age, geographical origin and accent for the voice used).

With solid experience of over 10 years in the field and our partnership with several recording studios, our agency has contributed to launching/exporting products and services abroad in 25 different languages!

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