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At Alltradis we stand for:

  • Confidentiality : no “dispatching” of your documents
  • Quality : no machine translation
  • Building long-lasting relationships : over 1000 customers who have been trusting us for more than 20 years

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Our Vision

To translate accurately, you first need to understand what you are translating! For this reason, most of our translators and interpreters have both the know-how and expertise in your field (doctors, pharmacists, engineers or lawyers). This added value makes a world of difference when it comes to quality.

Our areas of expertise

  • Excellent interpretation services at annual meeting: We would like to thank you for the interpreting services you provided during our annual meeting I have received very positive feedback and I wanted to share it with you. We all know that the success of an event such as this one relies a great deal on the work accomplished behind the scenes where interpreting plays the essential role… I’m looking forward to our next collaboration with the 12th edition.

    Ulrike S.

  • Hi, I’ve just successfully downloaded my document from the file share area! A huge thanks to Stéphanie for all your help with the marketing books.

    Emilie H.

  • “A heartfelt thanks to your team. You helped make our conference a success and brought our 6 branches together. See you next year!”

    Rachel H.

    Head of Marketing, Murex
  • Hello, I didn’t have a chance to do so on Friday but I wanted to sincerely thank you for the responsiveness and the professionalism you have shown for this urgent file. Thanks again and have a nice day!

    Mélanie H.

5 reasons to choose Alltradis…

It is likely that any customer ‘looking for a translation agency’ will have a lot of legitimate questions to ask. We very often receive calls from new clients who do not know who to trust, often disappointed with their previous agency. Because Sartre wrote “we are our choices”, here are 5 pieces of advice that can help you decide to sign up with us.


Médical / pharmaceutique

Medical translation: a challenge of growing importance

Over the last few decades, medicine has seen more revolutionary changes and advances than any other scientific field. On the one hand, research has been progressing in leaps and bounds

Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence: the human translator wins the first battle !

Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence: the human translator wins the first battle !

Sejong University in South Korea and the International Interpreting and Translation Association recently organized a translation competition in which professional human translators and three well-known automated translation programs were pitted

Can and should we translate poetry?

Can and should we translate poetry?

Because it often plays with the form, wording and musicality of language, more than any other literary genre, poetry does not easily lend itself to translation. However, people have nonetheless